Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Faith on a Snowy Road

Ok...so you are thinking I already broke my resolution of writing more on my blog...but I have not!  Last week I went down to Utah to help and spent time with my parents for a few days and the days I had at home before leaving I needed to get things ready to go!

I drove home on Saturday morning while it was snowing.  I really do enjoy the snow, but I really don't like driving on snow-covered roads, especially on my own.  I mean...I could go off the road and get buried and nobody would know...at least for a while??  The interesting thing about this journey home was that I did not feel nervous.  OK...maybe that is an exaggeration.  I was a little bit nervous for a while.  The roads were all great and clear until the Malad pass and then the road was snowy and slushy.  That is when I felt nervous.

Then something wonderful happened, I dialed up my faith.  I had looked at the weather reports and planned to leave at the time when it looked like I had the best chance of missing the snow.  I had prayed before I left, my parents had prayed for me, my husband and spudlets had prayed for me and so I realized that I really didn't need to be afraid.  If I was going to drive off the road, or get hit or whatever...it was going to be OK and it was going to be in line with the Lord's plan for me and my family.  That didn't mean that I was going to just stop paying attention or start driving crazy fast or doing some other reckless thing, but it did mean that I could let go of my fear, lock in on optimism and drive without fear.

As I thought about that experience I realized that it was a little microcosm of my life.  I am a worrier by nature.  I can think of a thousand negative outcomes of just about everything, it plays out like a movie in my mind.  Some people might think that this is a challenging way to live and that would be true, if I didn't have faith in God.  I have learned to trust Him and lean on His understanding (see Proverbs 3: 5-6).  Whatever happens I kind of know it's going to be OK.  It might be hard, it might be life-changing, but it will really be OK.

I made it home safely on Saturday...I trust I will make it home to God in the end someday.  That is true for me and for you.  Hang on to your faith...the Lord has got you covered.

Leslie (a.k.a. Reluctant Spud)

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