Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tales of a Reluctant Baker...

Sometimes when it has been more than a year since you wrote on your start to wonder if you should just not have a blog...but then you think that keeping it gives you a place and an outlet to share your random you keep your blog and decide to write a post.

That is where we are today friends.

At this moment I am waiting for dough to rise for some cinnamon rolls I am making for a meeting tonight.  Yes...if you have been invited to the meeting...and are reading this post before the know what the surprise treat is.

 I do not really feel comfortable with yeasted breads.  It's all a bit mysterious to me and possibly a little too scientific.  I just need to spend some more time figuring it all out.  Maybe someday I will really understand it the mean time, I'll just keep blundering my way through.

The Spud family has been watching a lot of The Great British Baking Show lately, I've watched all 3 seasons available on Netflix twice and am starting my third go around.  We have also started watching The Great British Baking Show Masterclass also available on Netflix.  As a certified Anglophile, former Londoner (I'm going to claim that living there for 18 months makes me a Londoner), a person who enjoys cooking (gotta say though, Dr. Spud is the better baker), and a tired mom, I delight in these shows.  If you haven't watched are missing out.

Every single meal I make is now critiqued by Spud Jr. and Spudette channeling Paul & Mary.  We get a little of Mel and Sue in there too. It is all done in great fun and nobody is being harsh or really critical...we all laugh heartily as everyone inspects my meals for "soggy bottoms,"  "under-proving," "nice textures"  and "good bakes" in general.  Occasionally, I will get a Hollywood handshake and "well done Mother." I said...I don't really feel comfortable with yeasted doughs.  I am always afraid of over or under flouring.  And how do I really know when something is doubled in size?  Should I be measuring? And then there's the shaping...very tricky.  Hopefully my rolls will be up to par for tonight.  I may have to hold a roll or two out of the meeting stash to get the approval from my resident Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

Thanks Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue for making meal times a delight.  Someday I hope to win a cake stand.