Monday, November 25, 2013

Spuds Like: Ephriam's Rescue

It's getting close to Christmas!  Which means that the time for buying presents is here.  I love love love buying presents for my family.  We try not to go overboard, but we definitely do try to spoil our family a bit at Christmas.

If you are looking for a great present for your family I recommend buying the DVD or Blu-ray of Ephriam's Rescue.

I purchased it for my husband's birthday, not really knowing too much about it.  We have watched it together as a family several times now and every time I see it, I am moved by the amazing story of Ephriam Hanks.  A Mormon pioneer, he was involved in the rescue of the Martin and Willey Handcart company.  Those of you who know LDS history will know that this handcart company got a bit of a late start on their way to the Salt Lake Valley, they pulled handcarts with all their remaining earthly possessions (often selling much of what they had to buy provisions for the journey).  The late start combined with an early winter proved disastrous for this poor group of pioneers.  They ran out of provisions and were essentially stranded in the snow without food and lacking the energy to keep on going.  Even so, they persisted in their exhausting journey having heard that the prophet, Brigham Young was sending people to bring provisions and assistance.  The story of the Martin and Willey Handcart company, while heart rending, is one that is sacred to Church members today.  Miracles happened in that company.

But this movie isn't so much about the disastrous situation of the handcart company as it is the story of Ephriam Hanks.  As I mentioned, he is involved in the rescue of those who were in such dire circumstances.  He demonstrates his willingness to be obedient and do whatever the Lord would ask of him.  My favorite part of the movie is when Brigham Young calls many of the men together to tell them that they need to go help the suffering handcart group.  They report when they can be ready to go- a week, a few days.  Ephriam raises his hand and says he is ready now. 

It's just a good, inspirational family friendly film and it is full of faith and goodness.  There are scenes of people suffering from frostbite and there is death so there may be some children who would be sensitive to that - that is my only caution.  I have linked the trailer below, the kind of scenes I have just described are shown on the trailer so that may help you make a decision for your family. 

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